CFP: On Media

Got a paper or a media project of which you’re particularly proud?  Consider submitting your work to a scholarly journal that specializes in undergraduate research.

For example, Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship,  publishes papers, media projects, and special issues. You can find out more about their general submission requirements on their website.

Also note that Process has put out a CFP (call for papers) for a forthcoming volume “On Media,” with a deadline of June 11, 2018. In part, the CFP reads:

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship is currently accepting submissions for its next issue, On Media. By “media,” we are not simply talking about news media or social media, but more broadly the rich array of textual, visual, audio, material, and electronic modes through which we communicate in the 21st century, including books, emails, websites, TV, music, film, photography, or social media platforms. As new and hybridized media have expanded not only our means of expression but the potential reach of our ideas, people around the world have found innovative ways to share information, debate, mobilize, and organize across borders. While transformations in digital media have come with certain risks and challenges–from privacy concerns to malware to cyberbullying–they have also created new cultural, artistic, political, and social possibilities.

Build your resume, join the scholarly conversation, and get your ideas out there in the world!

Image credit: Photo by Carolyn Whitson. All rights reserved.