Fall 2019 Featured Course: HUM 314 The Renaissance

Looking for a humanities course for Fall 2019? Consider HUM 314: The Renaissance (Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:20 at Midway), and immerse yourself in the creative, cruel world of the Renaissance in Europe, with its disturbing mix of lofty humanist ideas, ruthless exploitation, and awe-inspiring art.

Explore works by Michelangelo and Leonardo; consider the many influences of the Muslim world, Africa, and East Asia on European ideas and art; and learn about some of the unheralded women whose writing, patronage, and art enriched the era.

Dr. Susan Tennery will help students analyze Renaissance paintings, poetry, science, sculpture, philosophy, architecture–and more!

*HUM 314 is a 4-credit course that can help meet both the GELS Humanities requirement and the Liberal Studies Requirement. For English majors, HUM 314 can serve as an elective, or it can meet the requirement for ethnic/world literature. No previous Humanities or Renaissance experience required!